"I think this spectroscope is a terrific instrument. It performs well and is easy-to-use."
T.P. - Colorado

    "Amazing little spectroscope."
K.B. - Netherlands

    "It is bloody awesome."
D.G. - Australia

    "The results are breathtaking."
P.P. - Argentina

    "Thank you for excellent service."
M.D. - Switzerland

    "Thank you very much for this very good product."
G.C. - Germany

    "Very good. Very perfect. There's nothing like this in Italy."
M.C. - Italy

    "It has done all I'd hoped, and more."
B.M. - Michigan

    "Lovely colors! The spectrum of Betelgeuse is incredibly intricate and stunningly beautiful!"
Product review: 10/94 newsletter, San Francisco Amateur Astronomers

    "For years I couldn't bring myself to buy Edmund's prism spectroscope because of the price. Your approach gives excellent, clear spectra at less than half that."
T.F. - New York

    "One look through the grating made it clear that this was a high-quality product."
Product test: 6/94 newsletter, Hamilton Amateur Astronomers

    "I recently received my Rainbow Optics spectroscope. Congratulations on bringing spectroscopy to amateur astronomers at a reasonable price. I look forward to introducing my children to stellar spectroscopy with this instrument. I am particularly taken with your spectroscope since I spend a good portion of my time designing and using spectrographs for redshift surveys and galaxy evolution studies ..., but have never had such a nice means of introducing spectroscopy to nonprofessionals."
D.F. - Massachusetts

    "Clear absorption lines popped into view, spaced at intervals across the blue end of a clear and colorful spectrum of Castor. Cooler Pollux showed a very different set of lines.
    The field test showed that the Star Spectroscope does what it claims to do and more. It is well made, durable, and certainly capable of extended use. In addition to the fun of trying something new, astronomically savvy teachers with telescopes might find that Rainbow's device offers a welcome change from textbooks and the indoor laboratory routine. The ability to see stellar spectra in the night sky might even turn some amateur astronomers back into stargazers!"
M. Barlow Pepin - Sky & Telescope test report, October 1995

    "These spectra were captured by simply putting a Rainbow Optics transmission grating into the nosepiece of an Axiom AX-2 Viper camera.
    I came away from my first evening of CCD spectroscopy fascinated by the promise of this technology. Alas, if only there were more hours in a night!"
Dennis di Cicco - CCD Astronomy article, Fall 1995

    "The Rainbow Optics spectroscope performed admirably for such an inexpensive device. It is obvious that Jim Badura of Rainbow Optics has spent a lot of time designing, testing and perfecting ... his spectroscope.
    The Rainbow Optics spectroscope is the first affordable, easy to use, well manufactured and documented instrument that introduces the amateur astronomer, first hand, to stellar spectroscopy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to broaden their regular observing program, to educators who encourage their students to learn using a hands-on approach, and especially to those who would like to get their feet wet in this "new" area of amateur astronomical research."
Barry D. Malpas - The Practical Observer review, Vol.7#2 1996

    "Much pleasure and success using my spectroscope with my 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain. Spectra are as predicted - the red giants being spectacular! I can report that Gamma 2 Velorum is stunning. Bright emission lines in the blue and in the yellow-orange, against a faint continuum.
     I consider your spectroscope a very elegant answer to the problem of obtaining useable spectra with the minimum of parts. The blazed grating is a revelation! Thank you for your very prompt response to my order."
B.H. - New Zealand