Dear Astronomer,

Since 1994 Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscopes have been used by teachers and amateur astronomers in over 40 countries.  Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscopes have helped popularize astronomical spectroscopy world-wide. Professional astronomers use spectroscopes to study the stars. Why should they have all the fun?

If you are a teacher, a Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscope will give your students first-hand experience with stellar spectroscopy.  Your school purchase order is welcome (USA schools only).

Jim Badura
Owner, Rainbow Optics

P.S. Just a few of the many schools that have purchased a Rainbow Optics Star Spectroscope:

Johns Hopkins University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Penn State University

University of Southern California

Columbia University

University College London

Stanford University

University of Notre Dame

Cornell University

University of Maryland

Purdue University

University of Michigan

Boston University

University of Chicago